This Fall, we are partnering with 2 North Minneapolis churches (Shiloh Temple International Ministries and Zion Baptist Church) to begin a pilot project to expand our support of North Minneapolis youth. Antioch Ministries has developed a new curriculum that focuses on these 4 core aspects of a child’s development: Their Faith in Jesus, Social development, living a life of Service, and creating space to address Current issues in kids’ lives.

Antioch will walk alongside the churches to provide important training, on-going support, and resources while the churches implement the program and engage with North Minneapolis youth.

This pilot project will be lasting 6 months, starting in September 2019 and ending in March 2020.

Goals for the SHIELD Program

  • Churches within the SHIELD Project in North Minneapolis will build an invisible shield around youth with the backdrop of God’s love to provide support for their physical/emotional/spiritual and biblical needs. The church will implement the SHIELD Program at their church or a home in the neighborhood
  • Churches participating would be a part of the SHIELD network, establishing a connection to support our youth and where kids won’t fall through the cracks
  • Every child in the SHIELD project has the ability to connect to a church. Youth geographically within 3 blocks of each church will come in contact with the SHIELD