neighborhood-youthNeighborhood Youth

Spiritual Formation

Youth will study the bible, seek God through prayer, and receive value through God’s love displayed to them by his word, his people, and his gifts that he’s shared with them.

Life Skill Training

Youth will make positive life choices, resolve conflict in appropriate ways, develop a plan for their future, and engage in socially and culturally appropriate ways.

Leadership Opportunities

Youth will engage in serving the neighborhood, influence their peers in a positive way, and mentor younger youth.

north-resident North Minneapolis Church/Resident

  • Develop a group of 3 committed adults to engage youth in a 1-3 block radius in your neighborhood
  • Set a consistent time each week to share a meal with 5-10 youth throughout the course of 6-9 months
  • Provide stats, stories, and feedback to Antioch Ministries for further partnering opportunities


Antioch Ministriesantioch-ministries


Healthy boundaries/best practices/safety/cultural growth training for building relationships with youth in a home setting.


Quarterly gatherings with other Antioch villages, monthly meetings with the executive director.


Funds to get reimbursed for CPR/1st Aid training, meals, and funds for liability insurance for your home.

antioch-logo15 Community Centered Houses

Youth engaged with Jesus and the beloved community (local church)

A network of Antioch houses where community is being built as a part of North Minneapolis

Alleviate neighborhood instability

Increase safe space in North Minneapolis