As many are now aware, Scott Ginn (Executive Director) has moved on from Antioch to become a pastor at a church in St. Paul. Please see below for letters from Scott Whitmore (co-founder) and Scott Ginn regarding this change.


Antioch Family,


Over ten years ago God called Amy and me into an unbelievable (in the truest sense) story intertwining cultures, ages, genders, economics, races, churches and families. This story began and continued not with an end in sight, but as the result of a single word: Yes. Many of you said Yes to partnering in this story during the past decade, and many continue leading this adventure past Amy’s and my limitations.

Much has changed since the summer of 2007 when three children joined an adult Bible study and subsequently asked for their own. What started with an annual budget with an executive director subsidized at $150/month plus room and board has grown almost one-hundredfold. The Yes to starting a children’s Bible study of three has seen thousands of kids’ lives touched with Jesus, hundreds of volunteers drawn into families’ lives, and four sites consistently being, living, sharing, learning, and growing with children in North Minneapolis on a weekly basis.

While it is easy to celebrate the overarching growth, successes, and obedience, it would be dishonest and disingenuous to leave out the pain, tears, mistakes, loneliness, and the question of, God, where are you? This question often gets misunderstood for: Will the children come? Is there enough money to keep this ministry going? Are there enough volunteers? Why do I feel so alone? This problem is too big, and there is no chance I can make a difference. I don’t have anything to bring. I just made the same mistake again with that child and need to apologize again; will they forgive me again?

And yet here we are, an Antioch family raised through ten years of successes and challenges. We have drawn together during the first two phases of Antioch’s existence and are entering the third. Dan Nelson, the first Antioch Executive Director, led us through the planting or beginning phase. Scott Ginn, the second Antioch Executive Director, led us through the deepening or solidifying phase. And now we are ready and waiting for the third phase – growth.

As you will read in Scott Ginn’s letter, he is moving to a full time head pastor position at his local church. He is an incredibly Spirit-led man full of Godly humility, steadfastness, strength, wisdom, Christ-centered care for others, with deeply profound cultural sensitivities. I am proud to call him my brother and friend. We release him with our full blessing onto his next Yes, and pray for God’s anointing, provision, and intimacy into the next chapter in his story.

But wait! Didn’t I just say Antioch is ready for a growth phase? Ha, yep! I’m honestly not sure if that is faith, confidence in God’s call on Antioch, or simply bravado. Although, I am certain that this immediate stage matches up with much of Antioch’s historical journey. Do we know what’s next? Nope. Are we open to whatever God has in store? Yes.

As my pastor and Antioch board member often says, “Faith is being at the end of our capabilities.” Please continue partnering with us in fervent prayer as we stand ready with outstretched hands open to wherever God leads.


Many, many blessings on your Yeses in life.



Scott Whitmore

Dear Friends and Family of Antioch Ministries,


It was with joy and sadness that I share with you all that I have resigned my position as Executive Director of Antioch Ministries. I have responded to the call to be a full-time pastor of St. Paul Fellowship Church, located in the Frogtown neighborhood of St. Paul.

Over the past several months I have served in a dual role as Lead Pastor of the church, while continuing in my role as Antioch’s Executive Director. However, it was clear that this was only a short-term solution and that both the church and Antioch needed, and deserved, full-time focus.

My passion to love my neighbors in a very local and literal sense grew during my time at Antioch. Antioch connects with youth and families within walking distance of our locations, which is incredibly significant for neighborhood and relational stability. While I have grown to love North Minneapolis, and still do, my heart for Frogtown—my family’s home—grew as well. Being within walking distance of our church (5 blocks from our home), we have a unique opportunity to love our neighbors here in our own community.

As I look back on my nearly five years at Antioch, I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to serve as Executive Director. We have a new location (810 30 th Ave. N), new programs (A.P.P.L.Y., TreeHouse, Mentorship), and new connection opportunities (summer program, weekly gardening). We have seen so many lives impacted through the love and care of volunteers, supporters, and staff who have taken the time to give and share of themselves through these varying avenues. Empowering young leaders has truly happened together.

What I will miss most, however, is the weekly connections with Antioch kids. Our youth brought all of who they are each week, which made for a full experience, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Serving alongside committed volunteers to see the fullness of life and love was, and still is, incredibly significant. For those of you have been a part of this, I say thank you.

As we enter the 10th year of Antioch Ministries, I look forward to what is to come with new leadership and new energy. The opportunities to see families impacted by the love of Jesus are endless, and I am so grateful that Antioch has remained faithful to the call of loving our neighbors. I believe this is why God has sustained Antioch for 10 years, and I believe He will continue to do even more over the next 10 years.

Thank you for caring for, praying with, and supporting well the young leaders of North Minneapolis. They are not only our future, but our present, and God is working through them to see their lives—and the lives around them—transformed.


Scott Ginn


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